Glaceau Vitamin Water - Interactive Advertising


iPad application for Vitamin Water, that would be used in marketing of the Vitamin water brand at the marketing activations.


The application was designed to ask the user a set of questions to ascertain how they were feeling and what kind of mental state they were in.


Based on how the user answered the questions, the user would interactively place their hand on the ipad.


The application simulated scanning of their hand and suggested a certain brand of Vitamin Water with the right vitamins to assist them.

Nescafe - Food and wine expo


We created an iPad only application for Nescafe, that would be used in marketing festivals around the country that included the Good Food and Wine show, and the Jozi Foodie Fix.


The application was designed to be used as a way of assessing which variants of the Nescafe bean were the most popular as well as collecting user information to give a final prize at the end of each festival.


After user information was entered, users would play a game where they would be able to select their favourite Nescafe bean, followed by placing the correct amount of milk sugar or sweetener to their cup of coffee.


Depending on the previous set of actions that were performed, a unique inspirational message would be shown to the user to be used during the course of the day.


The user could be randomly picked by the application to be a winner of an instant spot prize, and the correct number of spot prizes could be setup in the applications settings prior to the start of the day depending on the amount of prizes to be won.


This would return to the user capture screen, waiting for the next user to start the process again.







Fanta - Fanta fun box event


The Fanta fun box activation, the event was held in and around the country, the application would form part of the event. We designed a “Minute to Win it” style game simulation.


Participants would play these games while displayed on the screen, once a game was completed or their 60 seconds time was up, a “Fun Box” metre would fill up, once the metre was filled it would explode, marking the start of the fun box event.


When the fun box was opened in Cape Town Locnville popped out to start their performance on stage.